Just Gardens, owned and operated by Shane & Libby Tricarico, began as a Garden & Turf Management business in February 2004.  Shane, a qualified horticulturist since 1999, wanted to provide our customers with more than just a gardening service.


We wanted to provide our customers with ‘Garden and Outdoor Inspirations’.  Encourage our customers to live more outdoors and improve their way of life.


We opened this e-store to provide products that we believe are practical for the home garden.  There is more to being outdoors than just mowing, weeding and having the odd BBQ or two over summer. Today we use our gardens as outdoor living spaces.  Our range of products makes your time outdoors more enjoyable and functional.


As a society, we are becoming increasingly conscious about utilizing our garden space efficiently, with the average block sizes becoming smaller and with our ever increasing hectic and busy lifestyles, we are more time poor now than ever.  Our focus has shifted to being environmentally friendly and we are educated about the health benefits of growing our own organic fruit, vegetables and herbs. Those of us who value our gardens and outdoor spaces need to find practical and innovative products to save time and money around the home, at the same time make the most of the beautiful outdoors.


Continue to re-visit our e-store, as we are constantly striving to offer new and innovative garden and outdoor products.


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